Saturday, April 25, 2009

On Squeak Carnwath

Every artist knows that there are some you resonate with and some you don't. I resonate with Squeak Carnwath's work and I encourage any interested persons to link to her web site- or better yet, go see her exhibit( if you live in the Bay Area of Calif. Her exhibit of 40 pieces opened today and I was there shortly after it opened. Large canvases mostly, full of words and color squares and symbols. But it is how she puts it all together. The pieces are multi-layered, done with oil and alkyd resins, mostly large. But what I love most is that I see her mind on canvas- not through a specific image, but through the collaboration of text, pattern, and potent symbols . She is a process painter and allows the viewer to not only see her process, but to respond with his/ her own set of experiences. The complexity of her pieces confuses some. I, however, love the ins and outs and texture and edge and disappearing forms. Well, you guessed it- this is how I paint and I felt inspired to rush back to my studio and work. I did and now I am on a food break. Happy painting to you- and don't forget to say hello!

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