Sunday, May 31, 2009

Checking in- Finally!

Well, it has been a zoo of a month and I have been meaning to get here- it has just taken a while. I want to mention the Jeremy Morgan exhibit at Himmelberger Gallery on 451 Sutter St. in San Francisco. I dearly hope that his work remains up for a bit, or I am just sending this out on the airwaves uselessly. He is a remarkable artist, a visionary, working in acrylic on canvases both large and small . His paintings appear influenced by his photo collages and his paintings generate a sense of profound depth and height. He has traveled and trekked and I felt, looking at his work, that I was with him in this luscious, timeless space; not exactly sky and not exactly earth, multiple perspectives, very rich and luminous color. If you have a chance, please see his work.

Also, I have just put together a mini-website of my New Work. The link is at the bottom of the favorite artist sites to the left of this post. It includes all the pieces that have not yet been published on my large site and also includes a Work in Progress, in which I will be posting states and stages of a large oil diptych upon which I am currently working. I am very excited about recording this process on my site, as I feel it is very critical to see the evolution of a work. .Sometimes my works go through huge transformations. They are like visual diaries and I am often revealed to myself through this work.

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